About Stubblefield Photography

For Michael and Elyn Stubblefield, photography has become the focal point of a journey that has taken them quite literally around the world. While they live in the concrete canyons of Manhattan, they have explored and photographed from Iceland to Antarctica and from Brooklyn to Bali with more than a few breathtaking stops along the way. As the primary photographer of the team, Michael's photos have been published countless times in all forms of media and have won numerous awards. His unique photographic style merges highly refined artistic, journalistic and technical skill with the keen observational skills of an accomplished naturalist, scientist, and physician. This synthesis of skill and knowledge is as instrumental in creating exquisite photos of nature as it is at capturing fleeting but memorable moments at a wedding or family gathering. Outside of his life as a photographer, Dr. Stubblefield is an internationally recognized authority in the field of Cancer Rehabilitation having written numerous articles, book chapters, and edited the only comprehensive textbook in his field. In addition to her roles as Michael's favorite model and backup photographer, Elyn Stubblefield is the creative director and primary organizer of Stubblefield Photography. Elyn's organizational and creative skills ensure the success of any photographic endeavor, whether it is a trip half way around the world to photograph penguins, or a trip to the park to photograph a newly engaged couple.

Michael and Elyn